Product development story

Pursuing "spicy!" At the moment of drinking.
To the "haste" feeling taste.

Maca drink series

Between energy drinks and energy drinks.

The concept of "Maca 4400 Haste MAX" was a nourishing tonic drink that had both "easiness of energy drink" and "real feeling of energy drink".Full-fledged energy drinks have a high price range, and some of them cost several thousand yen each, but I wondered if we could offer products in a price range that is easier to buy, such as energy drinks.Of course, in the development, we were particular about the ingredients, but what was even more difficult was the expression of "taste."These drinks require a good taste, so I thought about adding "spicy taste" to make the drink full of energy.

The key ingredient to express that "pungent taste" is Hihatsu extract.Long pepper, a member of pepper, is very spicy.I added a capsicum extract to it, aiming for a taste that makes me feel "spicy!" The moment I drink it.However, most of the ingredients, including maca extract, have a unique flavor, so at first it wasn't very drinkable (laughs).By adjusting with sugars and acidulants and repeating trial production many times, we were finally able to achieve a satisfactory taste.We are proud that the taste is chewy, not too light like energy drinks, while suppressing the bitterness and odor of energy drinks.

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


We are particular about the taste and composition, and gained popularity.

The "Maca 4400 Haste MAX" released in this way steadily increased sales and contributed to the revitalization of the market for the nourishing tonic drink category.Based on this situation, we have developed "Maca 6600 Gokukan MEGA MAX" for the target group who wants even higher effects.By increasing the content of not only maca but also long pepper, we pursued a comfortable drinking experience.Furthermore, in 2019, the higher version "Maca 11000 Ultimate GIGA MAX" will be released. "Ultimate" by blending 1 kinds of support materials including amino acids "L-citrulline" and "L-arginine", which were attracting attention at that time, in addition to a large amount of maca of 11,000 mg (raw equivalent) per bottle. We aimed to create a nourishing tonic drink that fits the name of.On the other hand, as the number of compounded ingredients increases, we are particular about achieving both "gutness" and "ease of drinking" by adding sweetness so that the mouthfeel is not too irritating.

All products are developed with thorough attention to the end, from trial production to manufacturing and package checking.Sales are steadily expanding as we expand the series of products.It has been used by people of all ages, and I am grateful for it.It may be widely supported because we are particular about the taste and composition. Please try the series products of "Maca 4400 Haste MAX", "Maca 6600 Extreme Feeling MEGA MAX" and "Maca 11000 Ultimate GIGA MAX" to your liking.We also hope that you can look forward to the expansion of the Maca Drink series in the future.

Introduction of developed products

A mouthpiece that feels tight.
A haste shot for those who need extreme sensitivity and self-confidence!

Maca drink series

Contains 6,600 mg of maca (raw equivalent) and 300 mg of long pepper (raw powder equivalent)! (Per bottle) A total of 1 types of powerful ingredients that boost the self-confidence of men, making it a MEGA MAX-class drink with a rugged taste.Recommended for those who want lightning-grade stimulation and self-confidence to burn, and those who do not have time.

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