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Live a healthy life as much as one day.

The period during which daily life is not restricted and a healthy and comfortable life can be spent is called <healthy life expectancy>.Currently, the average healthy life expectancy of Japanese is 72 years for men and 75 years for women, and it is said that the difference from the average life expectancy, that is, the period during which a healthy life cannot be spent, is 9 years for men and 12 years for women.

There was a person close to me who was enthusiastic about starting mountain climbing and dancing after retirement, but in reality, I was suffering from physical fatigue and headaches, and I was tired of doing anything. It seems that it was not the place to enjoy the second life.

In order to extend healthy life expectancy, it is important to promote health not only in old age but also in long-term life stages.

The products we at Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical offer are health and beauty products that can help you to be physically and mentally healthy at each life stage.We believe that it is the responsibility of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical to engage in research and development, raw material selection, quality control, hygiene management, and enlightenment activities from the customer's perspective, and to extend the time that everyone can spend in good health.We will continue to make further efforts so that as many people as possible can be pleased that they have come across the products of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical.


Tatsuo Ito