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It is said that we are 100 years old, but no matter how long we live, if we are bedridden, we have no children.It is important to extend "healthy life expectancy", which allows you to be active in a healthy manner, not just life expectancy.
Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a health food manufacturer, will send out useful information to extend healthy life expectancy through this "ZUTTO jounal" as part of activities to fulfill the wish of "Living a healthy life for as long as one day." increase.

In order to extend healthy life expectancy, it is necessary to consider not only not to be in need of long-term care, but also to prevent the frail state in front of it.Currently, "nutrition," "exercise," and "social participation" are being emphasized as measures to prevent falling into a frail state.
In "ZUT TO jounal", we will deliver the topic of fun and useless (?) Life maintenance in XNUMX categories of "nutrition", "movement" and "communication" which make these a little lighter.
The navigator is Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical's mascot character "Kuromaru-kun".Please check it out regularly.

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