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Let's tighten the slack in the upper arm!
Petit training taught by professional soccer players
<Upper arm edition>


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When I change my clothes and wear short sleeves for the first time in a while, the meat on my upper arm is loose ...!In response to such concerns, this time, professional soccer player Iwamoto of FC Osaka will teach you the recommended upper arm training!If you're training directly from an athlete, it's not a dream to have a cool upper arm that looks good on a sleeveless shirt⁉

The upper arm is a part where fat is easily attached and it is difficult to lose weight.Therefore, even if you lose weight on a diet, the slack in your upper arm remains the same ... The most effective way to tighten your upper arm is to exercise and build muscle.Let's start with the one with low strength and improve it according to your physical strength.


Feel free to do it and it works for pinpoints!

Prepare weights such as dumbbells and a 500 ml PET bottle containing water.
[First posture]
Spread your legs about the width of your shoulders.Hold a weight in one hand, raise your arm, and bend your elbow.
  • Move only the bottom from your elbows to raise and lower the weight.

  • Repeat about 30 times left and right as a guide.

Fix the position of your elbows as much as possible to prevent them from shaking.When lowering the weight, do it slowly without using recoil, and when raising it, do it a little faster, and be aware that your upper arm is getting stronger!


Beautifully shape the shoulder and arm lines

Prepare weights such as dumbbells and a 500 ml PET bottle containing water.
[First posture]
Spread your legs about the width of your shoulders.Hold weights in both hands and spread your arms parallel to the ground.
  • With your elbows extended, lower the weight next to your hips.

  • Keep your elbows straight and return to your initial position.

  • Repeat 30 times as a guide.

Slowly lower your arms.When raising your arms, be sure to reach shoulder height.Be aware that you are using your arm muscles!


Put your weight on your arm and tighten it firmly

Prepare a stand.It can be a bed or sofa at home.Be careful not to slip the table.
[First posture]
Sit on the table and put your hands next to your hips.Lift your hips, stretch your legs, and support your weight with your hands and heels.
  • Bend your elbows and bring your hips closer to the ground.

  • After lowering your body to the point where you can lower it, return it to its original position while stretching your elbows.

  • Repeat 30 times as a guide.

Let's be conscious of putting strength on the muscles behind the arms!

When training, try to breathe well.It is recommended to adjust the number of times and time according to the condition.
The most important thing is to continue. Incorporate training habits even for a short time of the day and aim for a healthy body.


FC Osaka
Tomoyuki Iwamoto

Graduated from Tokai Gakuen High School-Hannan University and belongs to FC Osaka.He is a defender and his specialty is interception. He is practicing and playing games every day with the goal of promoting FC Osaka to J Leak.His hobbies are watching movies and finding delicious food and shops.His special skill is Korean, which he can speak a little.

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