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For those who spend long hours on smartphones, computers, and reading.Caring Supplement [Lutein MAX]

Itoh Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Tatsuo Ito), which manufactures and sells health foods, pharmaceuticals, and quasi-drugs, supports people who use smartphones, computers, and readers. , A supplement containing lutein and zeaxanthin [Lutein MAX] will be released on Monday, October 2022, 10.

“Lutein MAX” product detail page

  • Product features

This supplement contains 1 mg of lutein and 60 mg of zeaxanthin per day to support people who spend long periods of time using smartphones, computers, and reading.

■Overwhelming blending amount (compared to our company) 1mg of lutein per tablet.

■One grain a day.Happy 1 days.

■Soft capsule which is convenient for carrying around.

Voice of the person in charge (Product Marketing Group/KK)
 There used to be many products in the market that used blueberries as the main ingredient and lutein as a secondary ingredient, but recently, the name recognition of lutein has increased.Therefore, we have developed “Lutein MAX”, which contains 1 mg of “Lutein”, which is attracting attention, which is the largest amount in the history of Ito.
 While there are many dark designs such as purple and navy blue, the design incorporates the color of marigold, which is the origin of lutein. challenged!If you see it in the store, I would be happy if you could pick it up.


  • Product Summary

Product name: Lutein MAX
Contents: 50 grains(1 grain weight 600mg, 1 grain content 400mg)
Suggested retail price: open price
Shape: soft capsule
Release date: February 2022, 10 (Monday)
Dealers: Nationwide drug stores

■ “Lutein MAX” product detail page
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■ Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Official Instagram

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