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Diet even if you eat carbohydrates

A diet supplement that supports a carbohydrate-based diet

There are many delicious foods in the world such as rice, bread and noodles!A supplement that supports the desire to diet even in a carbohydrate-based diet.Contains 1mg of "Gimnema" that approaches carbohydrates per day.400 tablets a day for your usual meal! * Supports a diet based on healthy eating and exercise.

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Voice of the person in charge

A new companion has been born in the acclaimed "Eat and Diet" series! As the name suggests, "Itoh Kanpo Pharmaceutical" is a product recommended for people who want to diet even if they eat carbohydrates.If you are familiar with carbohydrate-based diets such as rice, bread, pasta, and ramen, please try it ♪ In addition to exercising, I drink it at dinner, which I eat most often.

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Customer testimonials

Has a student satisfaction rate of


Yeah, no doubt!

Thank you for the tablets that are very easy to swallow!

Women in their 20s

Carbohydrates are something that everyone loves and they just stick to them! !!I'm glad I met this Chinese medicine at that time.Thank you m (_ _) m

Women in their 20s

I would like to do my best and get along well.thank you.

Women in their 30s

I like it because the product name is clear and the price is reasonable.I am very grateful that I can avoid being stoic in my diet.

Women in their 40s

Thank you for developing such a big-eating girl's ally at an affordable price!I use it as a talisman when I need to carry it around (?).

Women in their 40s

I love eating, but I'm trying hard not to get fat.I also use less carbohydrates, but sometimes it helps when I want to eat asexually.I'm doing my best not to get fat by taking exercise and increasing metabolism.I'm a perennial dieter who wants to be beautiful, so I look forward to working with you in the future.

Women in their 30s

[Satisfaction] Monitor questionnaire survey / Period: February 2020 to February 3 / Number of questionnaire responses: 2023
[Customer's voice] Purchaser questionnaire survey / Period: April 2017 to August 4 / Number of questionnaire responses: 2021 *Eat even Diet series total
* It is an individual impression, and not all of you can get the same feeling.
* Some of the wording may have been revised.

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About this product

Internal capacity
30.24g (252mg×120 capsules)
JAN code

Estimated daily intake

4 tablets

How to eat

Please drink with water little by little as food.
* There is astringency peculiar to Gymnema.

Main components

Per day: Gymnema sylvestre extract 1 mg (total gymnemic acid 400 mg), navy bean extract 40 mg, Salacia extract 50 mg

Allergic substance

Milk ingredients * Please check the raw material names except for 27 items.

Nutritional ingredient

Daily: Energy 1kcal, Protein 4g, Fat 0.03g, Carbohydrate 0.08g (Sugar 0.81g, Dietary Fiber 0.76g), Salt Equivalent 0.05g

Expiration Soon


Country of Origin


1 grain weight




Preservation method

Store in a cool place away from high temperature / humidity and direct sunlight


● Please follow the recommended daily intake.
● If you feel unwell due to your constitution or physical condition, discontinue ingestion.
● Please consult your doctor while taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding.
● Spots are derived from raw materials.It is not a foreign substance.
● Please drink as soon as possible after opening.
● Keep out of reach of children.

Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.


How should I take 1 tablets a day?
Since it is a food product, there is no particular requirement.
You can take 4 tablets at a time, 2 tablets 2 times, or 1 tablet 4 times, but please follow the recommended daily dose.
Since this product contains Gymnema, which approaches carbohydrates, we recommend that you take 4 tablets at a time.
Is there a recommended way to drink?
Since it is a food product, there is no particular requirement.
Since this product contains Gymnema, which approaches carbohydrates, we recommend that you take 4 tablets at a time when you eat.
Can I use it with other supplements?
Since it is food, there is basically no problem.
If you are worried, we recommend that you consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered seller.
I am taking the medicine prescribed at the hospital. Can I use this product together?
The combination of supplements and medicines depends on each combination.
Please consult your doctor / pharmacist / registered seller.
Can I take it during pregnancy / lactation?
The gymnema, navy beans, and salasia contained in this product do not have sufficient data to show their safety when taken during pregnancy and lactation.
Please consult your doctor.
Can I continue to drink every day?
As it is a food, you can continue it every day. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
Even if I eat a lot of carbohydrates, can I lose weight just by drinking this product?
It is difficult to just drink this product.
We support your diet by incorporating this product into a diet based on a nutritionally balanced diet and exercise.
Is it okay to drink this product and "Eat or Diet" together?
Both products contain the same ingredients (Gimnema sylvestre extract, navy bean extract, etc.), so we do not recommend drinking them together.
Is it okay to chew and eat?
It is not designed to be chewed and eaten.
It has a bitter taste peculiar to Gymnema, so please drink it with water without chewing.
Can I drink a lot of this product a day?
Drinking a lot of this product a day does not mean that you will lose weight.
Please follow the recommended daily intake.
Can my child drink?
This product is not recommended for children as it is essential for growing children to have a well-balanced diet.
Children are under 15 years old.
Can men drink it?
Even men can drink it.
What is Gymnema?
It is a climbing plant of the Asclepiadaceae family that grows naturally in India.
This product contains 1mg of Gymnema sylvestre extract per day.
What is Gymnemic Acid?
It is a type of glycoside extracted from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre.
The Gymnema sylvestre extract of this product, 1 mg per day, contains 400 mg of gymnemic acid.
There are spots on the grain, is that okay?
The spots are derived from the raw material.
It is not a foreign substance, so please drink with confidence.
What is the difference between this product and "Eat it, Diet"?
This product is a product that supports the diet of those who like carbohydrates such as rice and bread.
Contains 8 times the amount of Gymnema sylvestre extract, which approaches carbohydrates, compared to "Eat even Diet". "Eat even Diet" is a product that supports the diet of those who like rice, bread, and rich food.
The amount of Gymnema extract is smaller than this product, but it also contains black oolong tea extract.
Please use it according to your preference.
The grain is bitter, is that okay?
Bitterness is peculiar to Gymnema.
It is coated to suppress bitterness, so please drink it with water as it is.