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Cousin La Collagen Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid 20 Days

It's simple every day!Collagen and hyaluronic acid for 20 days on the basis of beauty

We are particular about the pure combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid, only the ingredients that we really want.It melts quickly and suppresses the taste and smell as much as possible, so you can mix it with your favorite foods and drinks. Contains 1 mg of collagen peptide and 5000 mg of hyaluronic acid per day.Please use it as a basis for beauty.

Voice of the person in charge

It is a simple combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid, but both are recommended for creating a beautiful foundation.Like water, which is the source of life, the package is blue with the hope that [Itokora Collagen Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid] will be a source of beauty support.Many collagen products have pink packages, so I think the blue packages are conspicuous and easy to find even in stores.

Planning and Development DepartmentTK

Product development story The person in charge of development will introduce the background of the product's birth with his thoughts.

Customer testimonials

Has a student satisfaction rate of


Yeah, no doubt!

Collagen hyaluronic acid is sold by various manufacturers, but your product was very attractive because it contains only the necessary ingredients.And the price is reasonable and I want to take it every day, so it is very helpful.

Women in their 30s

Collagen that I want to keep for my body every day, so I would appreciate your continued support at the same reasonable price as it is now.

Women in their 40s

Thank you for your support.I am very satisfied with it.Thank you. m (_ _) m

Women in their 50s

It's taken every day, so it doesn't contain any extra artificial sweeteners or additives, and I like it very much.It melts quickly even with cold drinks and is easy to drink without any unpleasant odor.I would like to continue drinking.

Women in their 40s

[Satisfaction] Monitor questionnaire survey / Period: September 2015 to June 9 / Number of questionnaire responses: 2023 * Itokora Collagen Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid 5 days, 96 days
[Customer feedback] Purchaser questionnaire survey / Period: April 2017 to August 4 / Number of questionnaire responses: 2021
* It is an individual impression, and not all of you can get the same feeling.
* Some of the wording may have been revised.

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About this product

Suggested retail price
2,000 Yen
Internal capacity
JAN code

Estimated daily intake


How to eat

As a food, dissolve it in your favorite drink or dish and enjoy.

3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon
* The weighing method is a guide.

● Please use while adjusting the amount according to your preference.
● Consume as soon as possible after melting.
● Please note that if you put the powder in your mouth as it is, it may get sick.
● When scooping with a spoon etc., please use a dry one.

Delicious as it is Drinks and dishes For hot and ice cream
(Drinks) Coffee, milk, cocoa, juice 
(Cooking) Soup, miso soup, rice (when cooking rice)
(Dessert) Yogurt
* Vegetable juice containing vitamin C and healthy drinks that go well with collagen are recommended.

Main components

Daily: Collagen peptide 1mg, Hyaluronic acid (small molecule) 5000mg

Allergic substance

Pork * Please check the raw material names except for 27 items.

Nutritional ingredient

Per day: Energy 1kcal, protein 19g, fat 4.74g, carbohydrates 0g, salt equivalent 0-0.0006g

Expiration Soon


Country of Origin




Preservation method

Store in a cool place away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


● Please follow the recommended daily intake.
● If you feel unwell due to your constitution or physical condition, discontinue ingestion.
● Please consult your doctor while taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding.
● Black or brown grains may be contained in the product, but this is derived from the raw material when processed.It is not a foreign substance.
● It may harden due to humidity, etc., but there is no problem with the quality.
● Consume as soon as possible after opening.
● Keep out of reach of children.

Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.


Why should children not take it?
The collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid used in the product may affect the child's body, so please refrain from taking it.
Children are under 15 years old.
Why do I need to consult a doctor if I use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Although it is a food product, we do not have sufficient data on the hyaluronic acid used in this product to show its safety when taken during pregnancy and lactation, so please consult your doctor.
Is there a recommended way to take it?
This product is a food product, so there are no particular restrictions.
It is important to continue according to your lifestyle, such as after meals or before going to bed.
Can I use it with other supplements?
Since it is food, there is basically no problem.
If you are worried, we recommend that you consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered seller.
I am taking the medicine prescribed at the hospital. Can I take supplements together?
The combination of supplements and medicines depends on each combination.
Please consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered seller.
How should I weigh 5.1g with a spoon?
Please refer to the illustration of the product package.
3 teaspoons,
One tablespoon weighs about 1g.
It is a guideline amount, so you do not have to weigh it exactly.
Is it necessary to have 1g a day?
There is no particular problem, but our recommended amount is 1g per day.
Drinking a lot does not improve your health, so we recommend that you continue to take the recommended daily dose according to your lifestyle.
Can I put it in a dish or a hot drink?
It's okay to put it in food or hot drinks.
Mix it with soup or coffee to suit your taste.
Can I just put it in my mouth and drink it?
If you put the granules in your mouth as they are, you may get sick, so it is not recommended.
Please mix it with drinks and meals.
Can I continue to drink?
Please continue for a long time.
We recommend that you continue daily according to your lifestyle.
Does the taste change when mixed with drinks and meals?
You may smell collagen when mixed with warm foods.
If you are concerned about the smell, we recommend mixing it with cold drinks and meals.
Does the ingredient change even if you put it in a hot drink?
The ingredients do not change even if you put it in a hot drink, so please enjoy it with confidence.
Please tell me the molecular weight of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
The average molecular weight of collagen is about 3000-5000.
The average molecular weight of hyaluronic acid is about 30000 to 50000.

* Reference value based on a survey of raw material suppliers (information as of May 2020)
Is collagen type I or type II?
Collagen is type I collagen.
We use raw materials derived from pig skin.
What is Collagen Peptide?
It is made by hydrolyzing collagen into small pieces.
This product uses collagen peptide decomposed by an enzyme.
It contains brown grains, is it okay to drink it?
As stated on the package, it is not a foreign substance.
In rare cases, black or brown charring may occur during the manufacturing process of collagen raw materials.
There is no problem if you use it, but if you have any concerns, please contact our customer service office.
What kind of person do you recommend?
Recommended for those who want to take delicious collagen and hyaluronic acid for daily beauty.
There are 5.1 mg of collagen and 5000 mg of hyaluronic acid per 10 g. Is there anything else in it?
By consuming 5.1g of this product,
Ingredients are blended to ensure that 5000 mg of collagen and 10 mg of hyaluronic acid can be ingested.
In consideration of the values ​​that appear during analysis and the dispersibility during manufacturing, each raw material is mixed in a slightly larger amount.
The total amount of the two ingredients is 2g (5.1mg).