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What is traditional Chinese medicine?
A type of Chinese medicine
Based on the theory of Chinese medicine
Prescribed medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is in principle2It is made from more than a variety of natural herbal medicines (derived from plants, animals and minerals).
Among the crude drugs used in Chinese medicine, usually
There are also "Katsura" known as cinnamon and "Oyster", which is an oyster shell.
Chinese herbal medicines bring out the mutual action by combining several kinds of crude drugs based on the original text.
The combination of crude drugs does not change except for the fixed ones.

Efforts to manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical products

We continue to pursue the ideal Chinese herbal extract formulation with consistent quality control and advanced production technology in line with pharmaceutical GMP.

We strive to produce high-quality products by conducting process inspections such as analysis of active ingredients in each process from raw materials → extraction → spray drying → dry granulation → packaging → products.Each worker is not satisfied with the current situation and is always trying to improve.

Production system

Through improvement activities such as patrols by the Safety and Health Committee
We are working to strengthen the defense management system.

The daily work at our factory begins with a hygiene check of the workers.The health of workers is indispensable for making products that contribute to the health of our customers.In addition to changing clothes and washing hands, we maintain the cleanliness of the work environment in the best condition by using air showers and adhesive rollers.We are working to strengthen the hygiene management system through improvement activities such as patrols by the Safety and Health Committee.

Product line-up