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ENTRYAdmission Information


Admission Information

part-time job

Inspection, boxing, packaging

work content Inspection, boxing, packaging
Employment status Part-time employee period is set (6 months renewal) (Trial period is 3 months)
Required ability / experience [Required]

  • Regardless
  • Blank allowed
Image of human resources required
  • Those who like detailed work
  • Those who can count accurately
  • Those who can work positively on everything
  • Those who have high motivation and passion for growth
  • Sincere and responsible
  • Kano Factory 20 minutes walk from Yoshita Station on the Kintetsu Keihanna Line
  • Higashi Osaka Factory 15 minutes walk from Aramoto Station on the Kintetsu Keihanna Line
Working hours 8: 30-17: 30 (break 60 minutes)
We accept consultation about time etc.
Salary Hourly wage 1,100 yen ~ (depending on work content)
Bonus None
Salary increase Once a year (April)
Severance pay No
Employee Welfare Complete with various types of insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance)
Working hours 8: 30-17: 30 Scheduled working hours 8 hours Break 60 minutes
Days Off
  • 110 days a year (2 days a week (Sunday, 3nd, 5rd, XNUMXth Saturday holidays), holidays, winter holidays, summer holidays, and other company calendars)
  • Annual paid leave
Training system Various skill improvement in-house training available

Selection process

01Sending history / work history

Please mail your resume (with photo attached, desired job type specified) and resume of work to the following address.

02Document screening

After screening the documents, we will contact you shortly after the interview date.
After screening the documents, we will notify you by e-mail of acceptance or rejection.


Interviews with the person in charge of personnel and personnel in charge will be conducted about 1 to 3 times.

04Unofficial offer

We will present the conditions.


2-4-1 Nagata East, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Itou Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Business Administration Department

  • Please be sure to specify the e-mail address and telephone number that you can contact.
    If there is something to consider, such as the contact method, please specify so.
  • Please note that application documents will not be returned.
  • For personal information of applicants, please refer to our company.Basic policy regarding the handling of personal informationPlease handle it carefully according to the above.
  • Inquiries will only be accepted by email.

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