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What is water poisoning?
What you need to know about Eastern medicine


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Have you ever heard of "water poison"?Actually, this is one of the ideas of oriental medicine.These days when the cold days continue, those who feel cold and metabolism down must check it out!

In Oriental medicine, it is believed that the normal functioning of the body is due to the circulation of "ki, blood, and water" in the body. “Qi” means vital energy (life energy), “blood” means blood and its functions, and “water” means bodily fluids other than blood.The "water" in it accumulates in the body more than necessary, and it is called "water poison".

“Qi” life energy “Blood” Blood and its functions “Water” Body fluids other than blood

Swelling, frustration... Maybe it's caused by "water poisoning"!?

After finishing a party in a tatami room, it's hard to put on shoes, and in the evening the boots are tight.These may be due to the fact that the water metabolism in the body is disturbed by the cold and swelling.In addition, it is said that anxiety, irritability, and insomnia, such as winter depression, are common in winter.These may also be caused not only by mental factors, but also by increased water in the blood and lymph.In addition, when water accumulates in the stomach, it causes gastroptosis, and when water accumulates between the cells of the skin, the chin tends to sag.

What is your level of "water poisoning"?Self-check!

  1. 1Less frequent use of the restroom for better hydration
  2. 2When you touch your stomach, it's cold.
  3. 3look bloated and fat
  4. 4Rubber marks on socks are clearly visible
  5. 5My feet swell in the evening, and when I press my calf with my thumb, it dents and doesn't return.
  6. 6Sometimes I can't wear my usual shoes in the evening
  7. 7The metabolism of the skin is poor, and it is easy to get tingling eczema and blisters
  8. 8Easy to get sick on cloudy days or when it rains
  9. 9A feeling of heaviness in the stomach, loss of appetite
  10. 10feeling down easily
  • If 1 to 3 apply

    It's not a problem, but let's try to review your lifestyle habits.

  • If 4 to 7 apply

    It is a "water poison" reserve group.Be conscious and try to improve your lifestyle immediately.

  • If 8 or more apply

    Possibility of "water poisoning" is great!
    Other diseases may be hidden, so we recommend that you consult a medical institution.
    Consider treatment with herbal medicine.

Prevent and eliminate water poisoning through diet and exercise!

The principle to avoid falling into "sudoku" is to drink warm liquids little by little and get into the habit of moving your body on a regular basis.Even if you are too busy to exercise, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, or walk one stop when you take a train or bus.Also, make a conscious effort to eat warm and spicy foods to increase the amount of water excreted through sweat.

Recommended prevention and elimination methods1

Take “Positive Foods” That Warm Your Body

According to the concept of oriental medicine, food can be divided into “negative food” that cools the body and “positive food” that warms the body.

negative food

It is mainly native to hot lands, is in season in summer, has a whitish color, and is moist and soft.


lettuce, tomato, cucumber, watermelon
豚 肉
White rice/udon
Tofu, vinegar, mayonnaise, white sugar

positive food

This vegetable is mainly native to cold regions, is in season in winter, and has a dark color.Hard food with little moisture.


Carrot, Burdock, Ginger
Buckwheat and brown rice
Black tea
seaweed, miso, soy sauce, salt, brown sugar, cinnamon

It is important to get into the habit of taking as many warm foods and drinks as possible, as well as positive foods.If you take negative foods, try to combine them with positive foods so that you are not biased toward negative.


  • Cinnamon coffee [coffee (negative food) + cinnamon (positive food)]
  • Salad [lettuce salad (negative food) + carrots and seaweed (positive food)]

Recommended prevention and elimination methods2

warm up with stretching

Stretching can be done easily and is effective in warming up the body.Above all, we recommend stretching the sides and legs.By moving the whole body greatly, it improves blood circulation throughout the body.In addition to stretching, try to warm up your body as much as possible by taking a bath every day and wearing a warmer when you go to bed.

flank and leg stretch

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Extend your right arm up and bend your upper body to the left. (about 10 seconds)

  • On the other side, extend your left arm and bend your upper body to the right side.
    (about 10 seconds)


    Be aware of the stretch in your flanks and avoid slouching.

  • Keeping your feet apart, bend forward as if touching the toes of your right foot. (Keep for about 10 seconds)

  • Continue to bend forward to the middle of both legs and to the left side. (about 10 seconds each)


    Notice the stretch in your calves.

Recommended prevention and elimination methods3

rethink how you drink water

Water is essential for human survival.But be careful not to drink too much water.Excess water in the body can sometimes be harmful, such as causing bloating.Let's be conscious of drinking water correctly from around the day.

correct way to drink water

  • Drink when you are thirsty instead of deciding the amount such as "1 day 〇〇L".
  • Not a lot at a time, but a small amount (about 1 cup) frequently.
  • Instead of cold water, use room temperature water or hot water.

If you feel "water poisoning"!Recommended herbal medicine

A representative prescription that improves swelling, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, etc.Recommended for people with dry mouth, decreased urine output, dizziness, etc.
A special medicine for sudden diarrhea caused by taking too many cold things. It is also used for "water poisoning" and dizziness due to cold.
Hangebyakujutsu Tenmatou
Improves dizziness by improving water circulation and removing "water poison".It is used for headache, dull headache, nausea, vomiting, and cold hands and feet.It is suitable for those who have a weak stomach, are sensitive to cold and do not have much physical strength.
Toki shakuyakusan
It is often used for gynecological symptoms associated with coldness.

In Oriental medicine, it is believed that by improving "water poison", circulation of "qi" and "blood" synergistically improves. Even those who don't know "suido" may be feeling the symptoms.Tell your family and friends, let's all have a good day with a smile.


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