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Explanation of foods that regulate the autonomic nervous system, categorized by nutrients!
Introducing harmful foods and dietary tips

"I want to improve my irritability and anxiety by adjusting my autonomic nervous system."
“What are the nutrients that regulate the autonomic nervous system?”
Some of you may have the same concerns and questions as above.
Perhaps the cause of your discomfort is a nutritional imbalance in your daily diet.

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What is the difference between plantain and psyllium?
Thorough explanation of notable health effects and how to use them

“What is the difference between psyllium and plantain?”
“I would like to know what precautions to take when taking psyllium.”
Do you have any questions or concerns like those listed above?
In this article, we will explain the differences between plantain and psyllium, their effects, and how to use them correctly.

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What happens when women drink maca?
Explanation of effective intake methods and precautions

“What are the effects of maca for women?”
“Is maca effective for women’s fatigue and hormonal imbalance?”
Some of you may have questions like the ones above.
When you think of maca, there is a strong impression that it is used as an energizing agent, and many people have the impression that it is drunk by men. However, maca is also a food that has positive effects on women's health and beauty.

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What is water poisoning?
What you need to know about Eastern medicine

In Oriental medicine, it is believed that the normal functioning of the body is due to the circulation of "ki, blood, and water" in the body. “Qi” means vital energy (life energy), “blood” means blood and its functions, and “water” means bodily fluids other than blood.The "water" in it accumulates in the body more than necessary, and it is called "water poison".

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Have fun dancing and exercising!
Dance lesson for beginners vol.1

Dance, which is an aerobic exercise, can be expected to build muscle strength, promote blood flow, and increase metabolism.This time, we will introduce gentle movements that are easy to try even for those who have never danced before.Practice the basic movements first, then dance to the music as you get used to it.

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Easy yoga you can do at home taught by Asami Sensei "Take care of your autonomic nerves and feel good at the change of season!"

It is said that the autonomic nerves are affected by irregular life and stress, as well as temperature differences and atmospheric pressure changes at the turn of the season.Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system may be the cause of irritability, inability to sleep at night, and difficulty concentrating.

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Turn your hips upwards!
Petit training taught by professional soccer players <hip / lower body>

I don't often see the back view, but isn't the meat of the buttocks dripping or flat?When the hip line goes down, the legs may look shorter ...So this time, I learned about hip-focused training from professional soccer player Iwamoto of FC Osaka.With a tight buttocks, it's a round and round style up⁉

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To the waist that you long for!
Petit training taught by professional soccer players <Abdominal muscles>

When I'm middle-aged, I start to worry about the tummy that came out in front of me.As muscle strength and basal metabolism decline with aging, if you eat more or lack exercise, your stomach fat will increase steadily.Training is one of the most effective ways to tighten your tummy.Incorporate it into your daily habits and let's worry about metabolic syndrome and say goodbye!

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Let's tighten the slack in the upper arm!
Petit training taught by professional soccer players <upper arm edition>

The upper arm is a part where fat is easily attached and it is difficult to lose weight.Therefore, even if you lose weight on a diet, the slack in your upper arm remains the same ... The most effective way to tighten your upper arm is to exercise and build muscle.Let's start with the one with low strength and improve it according to your physical strength.

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Is it so different?World supplement circumstances
<Supplement powerhouse, USA>

From the latter half of the 1970s, the United States began to work on improving eating habits throughout the country. The DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Law) enacted in 1994 has made it a "supplement" that is neither a drug nor a food. It is said that the food system with functional claims that started in Japan in 2015 was based on DSHEA in the United States, which is ahead in the field of supplements.

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Easy yoga that you can do at home, taught by asami-sensei "Eliminate swelling and make your feet feel refreshed and light"

If you stay in the same posture, such as when standing for a long time or working at a desk, blood circulation will be delayed and your legs will tend to swell.Gravity tends to cause the feet to accumulate water, and women are especially prone to swelling because they have less muscle mass in their feet, which is responsible for sending blood to the heart.