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"WITH Corona's Drinking, Health and Life" Consumer Survey Report With the increase in drinking opportunities for couples, marital / family relationships are improving !!

At Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Tatsuo Ito), which manufactures and sells health foods, pharmaceuticals, and non-pharmaceutical products, changes in lifestyle through actual drinking conditions and views on health. In order to find out, we conducted a "Fact-finding Survey on Drinking and Health in WITH Corona" in late August this year.
[Survey result topics (excerpt)]
  • While the marital relationship improves, is it estranged from colleagues ?!
Due to the increase in "drinking at home", the number of couples drinking alcohol is increasing / the budget that can be used for drinking at home is increasing, and the number of people who are actively enjoying drinking at home is increasing.
"I enjoy my time with my husband and wife" "I've become more enthusiastic about drinking, cooking, and snacks" ...
  • Online drinking party, 4 in 1 experienced
The experience rate of online drinking parties is about 26%.
The biggest merit is "drink with friends and acquaintances far away".
Disadvantages are "Drinking for a long time and increasing the amount of liquor" "People can see the room"
  • Aware of health even in the drinking scene
Now that drinking outside is decreasing and drinking at home is increasing, health consciousness is increasing even in the drinking scene, and supplements are used for "liver care".
★ 1% of those who drink more than once a week take supplements that are good for liver health, and the intake rate is slightly higher in WITH Corona.Expected ingredients and materials are "shijimi," "oyster," "liver extract," and "turmeric."
  • 4% of stress fatness 
40% of people who have increased stress due to corona are "fat".
Increased stress due to corona is more apparent in women than in men.
  • Wishes of about 7% of people ... I want to travel
What I want to do when the corona converges is overwhelmingly "travel."

[Survey result summary]
Changes / comparisons between pre-Corona and WITH Corona's current drinking

1. Changes in drinking frequency

The frequency of drinking does not seem to change much from before Corona, but by drinking scene, so-called "outside drinking" has decreased significantly."Drinking at home" is increasingYou can see that.

2. Changes in drinking partners
Due to the Korona-ka, inviting people to drink less, online drinking parties andThe number of couples drinking is increasingIt seems.

3. Various changes in drinking at home
Maybe because the number of couples drinking is increasingConversations with couples and families are increasing, and more and more people are saying that their marital and family relationships have improved.It seems.
To summarize the main voices ...
◎ Fun and happy time for couples and families
◎ I became more enthusiastic about alcohol, cooking, and snacks.
◎ Enjoying alcohol leisurely

For reference, the downsides are "more garbage," "more drinking," and "fat."


"Changes / episodes due to increased drinking opportunities at home" Free answer to "live voice"
■ Marital relationship
• I have more opportunities to drink with my husband and wife, soI've talked a lot more than before, and as a result I've become better friends than beforeI feel
• If you drink at homeI started to care about things that I don't usually care aboutMy husband and wife are getting along well!
• I started to drink with my husband and wife every dayConversations have increased.
Couple conversations increase, The couple got along well.
Slowly as a couple after the children sleepI have more to do.

■ Family relationships
• I work from home and always stay at homeMy dad also works from home and is at home and has a supper for dinner, so be sure to go out with him once in a while.became.
• My daughter has been at home longer and started drinking on Fridays and Saturdays.Have a good time talking about various thingsIt has become.
• Drinking more often in the presence of childrenThe reaction of the children who are laughing at themselves who get drunk and get excited and have fun seems cuteThe number of scenes has increased.

■ Liquor / Cooking / Snacks
• As the need to prepare snacks has increased,Like studying delicious snacksNow, my hobby is making snacks.
• For home-drinking alcohol and snacksDelicate petit luxurydoing.
• Since the store's business hours have been shortened, you can take out instead of eating out.Buy more luxurious ingredients than usual, I started to drink at home.
A little high-class beer, sake, wineI started to drink.
Be health conscious and choose functional beer or non-alcoholicThings have increased.

■ Your time
Enjoying a leisurely drink at homeI came to feel.
• Make your own snacks andHappy to relax and drinkFeel.
You can drink slowly at willSo I thought it was surprisingly good.I hate cigarettes, so I don't smoke at home.

4. Why more people drink at home
Not only fear of "corona infection" such as fear of corona infection and possible transfer to someoneSome people give positive reasons such as "drinking at home is easier and more relaxing" and "drinking with a couple or family is fun".You can see it.

5. Changes in relationships
The aforementioned "improvement of marital relationships by increasing drinking at home" is also reflected in the answers to the questions asked about changes in human relationships.In the company's relationships, the percentage of people who feel "diminished or worse" is high,An increasing number of people say that "family ties" and "couple ties" have deepened.

■ Looking at "family ties" and "marital relationships" by gender, it seems that many women feel that women have improved slightly more than men.

6. About online drinking party
As one of the "home drinking", I also asked about "online drinking party" (on drinking) where you can have a drinking party online with people other than your family.
(XNUMX) Experience rate of online drinking party ... The older you get, the less connected you are to the online drinking party ...
Overall, 26.4% experienced “on drinking”, and the younger the person, the higher the experience rate.

② Benefits of online drinking party
As for the merit, "drink with friends and acquaintances far away" was the top 49%, followed by "drink without worrying about time" at 46%.
"You don't have to worry about makeup and costumes" was 21%.

③ Disadvantages of online drinking party
There are no items that are concentrated due to disadvantages, and opinions are dispersed such as "drinking for a long time and increasing the amount of liquor", "difficult to refuse", and "not exciting".
"You don't have to worry about time" (merit) is an antinomy with "drinking" (disadvantage), isn't it?

7. About the online drinking party "Live voice"
While there are positive opinions such as "you can drink with people you can't meet in the distance" and "you don't have to worry about the last train and time", "preparation is troublesome", "you can see the whole house", "same meal and drink". There is also a negative opinion that "I can't share and exchange opinions."


■ Positive voice
• I think it's nice to be able to see and drink with people who are too far away to meet.Also, I think it's good that each person can prepare their favorite snacks and eat and drink.
• You don't have to worry about your clothes, so it will be fun.
• I think you don't have to worry about the last train or your return trip.
• No mistakes due to alcohol.
• Easily enjoy with friends and acquaintances.

■ Negative voice
• It's awkward to have a family.Because it will be online more than my family.
• I can't exchange taste opinions on the same food and drink on the spot, and I feel somehow misaligned.
• You can judge your personality by looking inside the house.
• Adjusting the time and schedule, contacting the participants, etc. is troublesome.
I don't want to have a small child.

8. Online drinking party Intention to participate in the future
The overall participation intention rate is about 25%, but compared to the participation intention of experienced people is about 66%, it is as low as 10% for inexperienced people, and it seems that there are many "do not hate" rather than "do not hate". is.

9. What are the "snacks and knobs" that you want to accompany at home drinking and online drinking parties?

To put it briefly,"House only" was mainly "cooking" that can be easily made, and "online drinking" was mainly "processed food" that can be eaten as it is without cooking.

10. Changes in drinking outside
Drinking opportunities outside of home were "increased" 2.8%, "unchanged" 25.7%, and "decreased" 71.5%.but·····

■ By scene
Regardless of public or private, about 80% of people say that the number of "drinking parties" that can be a large number is decreasing.
"Gokon," "alone," and "dating with a lover" had relatively few "decreased".

■ As if to link to the situation by scene, the number of places that many people often go to, such as "Karaoke shops," "Beer halls," and "Izakaya," has increased.
Although the population parameter is small, it was found that the number of people who said that "club cabaret club", which was regarded as "restaurant with entertainment", was "decreased" was slightly smaller than others.

11. Changes in drinking measures considering "physical and health" due to drinking
From the top three items that increased, the decrease in drinking outside,Health awareness is increasing due to increased drinking at homeYou can see that.It can be seen that they are devising "how to eat and drink" such as not taking too much calories when drinking and considering nutritional balance.In addition, "utilization of supplements that are useful for liver health" also increased, although "increased" was only 1 point from "decreased".

12. Health changes
More than 30% of people answered that they are more careful about their health condition, life time / rhythm, and immunity.

① Weight / body shape
As for weight and body shape, as people talk about "corona fatness", more than 30% of people actually feel "fat".
In particular, it seems that nearly 50% of women, excluding those in their 40s, feel it.However, some women, especially women in their twenties, say that they are "thin and thin."



Looking at the relationship between stress and weight in a situation where “increased stress” is 53%, which is more than half, it seems that the person with increased stress gains a little more weight (fat).

Forty percent of people with increased stress say they are “fat”.

② Stress41.2% of the respondents said that they were "more stressed" than before Corona, but by gender, 46.4% were "female" and 36% were "male".Women were more stressed by 10 points or moreIt seems that there are many people who say that.
By age group of women, the result was that stress increased in the 20s, 30s, and 40s.Even if you are married by genderMarried women have 10 points more.


Changes in "consciousness, behavior" in WITH Corona

13. WITH Corona is anxious
It is clear that not only one's own health but also one's family's health is considered above all else.


14. Changes in things that are worrisome or worrisome in terms of "body and health" due to drinking
It seems that they are worried that they are easily linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome, such as "overeating, excessive calorie, salt, and sugar intake," probably because of lack of exercise and an increase in delicious home cooking. You can also see that the word "corona fatness" is born.

15. Job changes
Increasing numbers are "work that I do not meet" such as "online meetings" and "webinars", and "business trips, parties and events", etc.
It seems that the number of "work to meet" is decreasing.
There are 25% of people who say that the "amount of work" itself is decreasing / working hours are decreasing.
In addition, in this survey, about 35% of people carried out "telework".

16. Private activities / changes in behavior
What has been increasing since before Corona is "cooking at home," "take-out of food," "TV games," "online shopping," etc., which are said to be behaviors at stay homes and consumption of nests.
In this survey as well, it was confirmed that the already revealed "travel", "eating out", "outdoor activities", etc. have decreased significantly.

17. Excerpt from the free answer "What I want to do when the corona converges"
When I summarized the free answers in a big way, I found that nearly 7% of the people wanted to travel.

■ Specific "raw voice"
• I want to go on a trip to a restaurant, karaoke shop, resort area, etc. and remove the squirrel. (Male in his 20s, married)
• If the annual event is alive and well, I would love to attend and meet my friends in person. (Male in his 20s, unmarried)
• I want to travel out of the country or abroad. (Male in his 30s, unmarried)
• I want to drink with colleagues, friends and acquaintances at work at an izakaya.I want to go on a hot spring trip. (Male in his 30s, married)
• I travel abroad twice a year, so I would like to have a straw cocktail at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii with a blue Hawaiian pine stab while looking out at the ocean.So I want to sit on the beach listening to the ebb and flow of the waves until the sunset. (Male in 2s, unmarried)
• I want to get my child on the train.Especially the Shinkansen.I want to take my child to a hot spring trip or a winter trip.I want my child to study socially at a restaurant.I want to be able to play with the playset in the park.Especially swings.I want to go to the aquarium with my family. (Male in 40s, married)
• Visits, trips, real drinking parties. (Male in his 50s, married)
• I want to pop out at a restaurant with entertainment. (Male in his 60s, married)
• I have less time to meet and go out, so I would like to travel abroad with my friends and enjoy a lot of shopping. (Women in their 20s, unmarried)
• I want to play as much as I can without wearing a mask when traveling abroad or in the wilderness. (Woman in her 20s, married)
• Go to see your boyfriend at a long distance internationally. (Women in their 30s, unmarried)
• I want to eat out, go to a cafe, enjoy shopping, and be free.I want to travel a lot. (Woman in her 30s, married)
• I want to go on a trip when I go home to see my parents. (Women in their 40s, unmarried)
• I want to go out freely without wearing a mask. (Women in their 50s, unmarried)
• I want to eat at a restaurant without hesitation.want to go on a trip.I want to go live.I want to meet my friends.I want to go to my mother-in-law who lives in another prefecture. (Women in their 50s, married)
• Resuming overseas travel with my daughter, which was an annual event. (Woman in her 60s, married)
• I want to go on a trip, eat out, meet friends often, shop slowly, go to a super hot spring, and walk freely without a mask. (Woman in her 60s, married)
• I want to meet my grandchildren and eat delicious food or buy something I like. (Woman in her 60s, married)



[Reference information: Drinking conditions before Corona]

1. Frequency of drinking (how often did you drink in 2019)
About 61% of people usually drink alcohol.About 68% for men and about 54% for women.
Except for women in their thirties, the older they are, the higher the drinking rate seems to be.

2. Drinking amount per drink (for drinkers who drink more than once a week in 1)
The amount of alcohol consumed at one time is about 1 or 500 cups in terms of beer mug (1 ml).Men in their 2s have the most alcohol.
It is said that young people no longer drink alcohol, but in this surveyTwenties also drink more than other age groupsI found out.

≪Main types of conversion guidelines≫
* Based on 500 ml of beer mug
・ 1 go of sake ⇒ 1 cup
・ Whiskey brandy (w) 1 cup 60ml ⇒ 1 cup
・ Shochu 25 degrees 1 go 180ml ⇒ 1.5 cups
・ Beer / Happoshu 1 can 350ml ⇒ 0.7 cups
・ 1 glass of wine 120ml ⇒ 0.5 glass
・ 1 can of chu-hi 350ml ⇒ 1 cup

3. Drinking liquor, favorite liquor
Beer is what most people drink, and most people give it as their favorite liquor.
Other than beer (including low-malt beer and third beer), shochu / chu-hi and wine are ranked high.




[Survey outline / Use / reprint of survey contents]

[Survey outline]
■ Purpose of the survey Understanding the actual conditions of alcohol consumption, health, and lifestyle changes of consumers in WITH Corona will be used as basic data for future marketing activities.
■ Survey target Men and women in their 20s and 60s who drink at least once a week 1 people / gender / age evenly divided
■ Survey method Web quantitative survey
■ Survey period August 2020-8, 27

[Question items in the actual survey]
1. Drinking frequency
2. Amount of alcohol consumed at one time
3. Types of liquor you usually drink, your favorite liquor
4. WITH Corona's current drinking opportunities increase or decrease
5. Increase / decrease by drinking opportunity other than at home
6. Increase / decrease in the amount of alcohol consumed when drinking alcohol outside the home
7. Where to go for a drink
8. Increase / decrease by partner to drink at home
9. Increased and decreased things in drinking at home
10. Reasons for increased drinking at home
11. Episodes (FA) due to increased drinking at home
12. Increase / decrease according to the measures taken for drinking
13. Things to worry about in terms of "body and health" in drinking
14. Do you think you are a "Donbei"?
15. Failure due to overdrinking, things I regret
16. Online drinking experience, someday
17. This year's online drinking party held / participation frequency
18. Advantages and disadvantages of online drinking parties
19. "Snacks / knobs" that you want to accompany at home drinking and online drinking parties
20. Impressions and images of online drinking parties (FA)
21. Online drinking party intention to participate in the future
22. Would you like to participate in an online drinking party even after the corona has converged?
23. "Human relations" before and after Corona
24. Increase / decrease in stress
25. Changes in "health" before and after Corona
26. Changes in "work" before and after Corona
27. Increase / decrease in the ease with which alcohol remains in the body
28. Changes in weight and body shape
29. WITH Corona worries
30. Changes in working style
31. Increase / decrease in work-related matters
32. Increase / decrease in various outing activities
33. Increase / decrease in "private" activities / behaviors
34. What you want to do after the corona converges (FA)
35. Awareness of foods, ingredients and ingredients that are considered to be good for health

Click here to download detailed data >>Drinking and Liver Care Survey_Aggregated Data_BD1.xlsx

[Request for use / reprint use of this survey result]
You are free to use or reprint the results of this survey, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance.
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Survey source: Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
According to research by Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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