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33 bags of black reduced fertilizer tea

A fairly refreshing diet tea blended with 12 types of black materials

Based on black tea (Pu'er) and oolong tea, 12 kinds of healthy ingredients such as black soybeans and black wheat are blended luxuriously.Feeling after drinking, it's pretty refreshing. With 0kcal, it is a diet tea that supports the healthy body building from the inside.

Voice of the person in charge

12 kinds of healthy ingredients such as black material are luxuriously blended to make it refreshing and easy to drink.How about with your daily meals?

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Customer testimonials

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Yeah, no doubt!

It has a good aftertaste, is refreshing and easy to drink.It's delicious whether it's hot or cold.I am grateful that the tea bag can be drained.

Women in their 40s

You can drink it normally without being bitter even if you put it out thickly.I don't mind the smell, so I can continue.

Women in their 50s

The taste is delicious, so I take one pack every day at meal time.I drank a box and drank barley tea until I bought it, but the taste wasn't enough, so I bought it again.

Women in their 40s

Personally, it was quite easy to drink and it was easy to continue!The effect was immediate and gradual, so I immediately like it.

Women in their 40s

It was an ideal product!Thank you ^ _ ^

Women in their 20s

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[Customer Feedback] Buyer Questionnaire Survey/Period: April 2017 to August 4/Number of Questionnaire Answers: 2021
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About this product

Suggested retail price
1,600 Yen
Internal capacity
33 bag
JAN code


[By boiling]
Hot water 400-600mL
Time 5 minutes (low heat)
* After boiling, take out the bag.

[With hot water (teapot, etc.)]
Hot water 300mL
Time 5 minutes
* Please drink at your favorite strength.

!!Please refrain from draining water.
!!Please avoid boiling and soaking for a long time. (You may feel sick.)
!!Be sure to store it in the refrigerator. (Please drink the same day you made it.)

Allergic substance

Soybean * Please check the raw material names except for 27 items.

Expiration Soon


Country of Origin


1 bag weight



Tea bag

Preservation method

Store in a cool place away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


● If you drink a large amount of this product at one time, you will feel sick.
 ・ Please try from a small amount.
 ・ Should this disagree with your constitution or physical condition, discontinue ingestion.
 ・ Please follow the recommended daily intake.
 ・ Please avoid using with foods containing honey senna (candle bush), senna stalk, and kidachi aloe.
● Do not take in children during pregnancy and lactation.
● Please consult your doctor while taking medicine or going to the hospital.
● The taste, color and aroma may change slightly, but there is no problem with the quality.
● After opening, to prevent moisture and pests, close the mouth of the bag tightly, avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight, store it in a cool place, and use it as soon as possible.
● Keep out of reach of children.

Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.