"Take care of each grain" that arrives at the customer's hand.
A manufacturing system that does not allow any missing tablets.

In addition to complying with the manufacturing standards set by GMP for health foods, we strive to manufacture safe and secure products based on our belief as a pharmaceutical company that handles pharmaceutical products."Take care of each grain" that arrives at the customer's hand.All employees are working together.

Atsushi Manabe

hygiene management

To keep the bacteria out of the factory
We carry out thorough hygiene management.

"Double changing room", "air shower", "falling bacteria test", "hand bacteria test" to prevent bacteria from entering

Hygiene management is important for manufacturing "safe and secure" products.First, do not allow bacteria such as Escherichia coli and mold to invade.Employees working in the factory change from plain clothes to work clothes and wear clean protective clothing controlled by a dry cleaner.The first changing room to change into on-site clothes is located in front of the manufacturing site, and the second changing room to wear work clothes is located in front of the manufacturing site immediately after entering the factory.Thorough sterilization and dust removal are carried out by setting up a double changing room and using an air shower and an adhesive roller each time.It prevents the invasion of foreign substances adhering to the outside world.In addition, if employees have fever or cuts, they are prohibited from entering the manufacturing site.In addition, we also carry out unannounced bacterial tests on the fingers.

Thorough cleaning activities to prevent the growth of bacteria

Second, do not allow the bacteria to grow by any chance.We always try to keep the factory clean, and every day all employees clean the inside and around the factory.In addition, we are working to create an environment in which bacteria are less likely to grow by controlling temperature and humidity in the raw material warehouse.

hygiene management

We guarantee the safety of the raw materials that are the basis of our products and the manufacturing equipment that makes them.

Raw material check at the factory

We have a partnership with a reliable raw material manufacturer, so there is no contamination of foreign substances such as lint.However, in order to eliminate "in the unlikely event", we carry out check work such as sieving raw materials with a mesh.At the same time, we carefully test for invisible bacteria.

Manufacturing machine management to prevent breakdowns

The factory uses a variety of manufacturing machines, but I think it's too late to repair them after they break down.In order to prevent malfunctions in mechanical equipment, check the equipment inspection table and record the time to replace parts.Based on this record, we are checking when it should be replaced next time.

Quality inspection

With each factory, quality assurance department
Coordinated quality system.

"Bacterial inspection" and "component analysis" in the factory

The testing rooms of each factory carry out quality inspections in close cooperation with the Quality Assurance Department.The main thing we do is to check the quality of pre-shipment products and raw materials that have arrived.The factory's test room is equipped with equipment for bacterial testing, as well as ultra-high performance liquid chromatography for analyzing components, a color difference meter for quantifying colors, and testing equipment for heavy metal arsenic.In addition, there are test facilities that analyze components in more detail, such as Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer (FTIR), Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS), and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA).We use these devices as needed and work with each factory testing room to improve quality control.